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  • How Physiotherapists Can Help You Recover From Injury Faster

    Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a primary care in medicine that uses mild force and hand movements for treating injuries and pains. With increasing number of patients suffering from neck and back pain; people are approaching physiotherapists to retain fitness level. Increasing workloads among professionals makes people opt for physiotherapists. read more

  • Why Choose a Lightweight Body Armor

    Body armor is extremely necessary for the law enforcers. This body armor protects them from the attacks made by lawless pricks of the society. Gun attacks are frequent in USA, which makes it all the more important for the law enforcers to wear such protective gear. This body armor protects read more

  • How Hiring a Private Security Consultant can keep Threats at Bay

    Private security consulting (consultoria de seguridad privada) can be extremely helpful for enterprises in the corporate world. The corporate world is extremely competitive and one can never be sure of keeping confidential data safe from prying eyes of the competitors. Security consultants ensure that the enterprises’ secrets are well preserved read more

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    Clinica HappyDent a fost creata in jurul ideii de schimbare si excelenta in stomatologie. Pentru aceasta locul in care petrecem timpul alaturi de pacientii nostrii trebuie sa fie un mediu de deconectare de la cotidian in care sanatatea dentara primeaza. Dorim sa va bucurati de un zambet frumos pentru intreaga read more

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    Dr Beatrice Fumurescu,medic dentist,medic specialist chirurgie dento-alveolara. Tratamente stomatologice,lucrari protetice,implante,interventii de mica chirurgie(rezectie apicala,extractie molar de minte inclus,canin inclus,interventii parodontale). Programari la tel 0744549006